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Michaela A. Sims is a professional speaker and public speaking consultant.  With more than 10 years of public speaking experience, Michaela has spoken in a variety of venues in both rehearsed and impromptu engagements.  She has spoken publicly in competitions and as part of her occupation.  Michaela was hired as a Community Relations Specialist for a local law enforcement agency, where she gave many presentations on safety.  She designed and created a program entitled: CSI: Interrupted (Cyberbullying, Student bulling and Internet Dangers: Interrupted) which she gave to more than 15,000 people during her tenure.  By the age of 26, Michaela was the law enforcement spokesperson for the 5th largest city in California.  As the Public Information Officer, Michaela responded to crime scenes and was interviewed by the television, radio and newspaper media on what occurred.  She has been interviewed by national media outlets on behalf of her job.  Additionally, she has written hundreds of press releases, researched a variety of topics and acted as the "right-hand" to the Chief of Police's media interviews.  Now, Michaela is a professor at a local university where her topics of expertise include terrorism, homeland security, and criminal justice.  

Michaela's public speaking abilities are not limited to law enforcement expertise.  She has competed in numerous competitions to include speech writing presentations, memorized oral meets and pageants.  Michaela is the only person in the history of The Bakersfield Pageant, to have held both the titles of Miss Bakersfield and Mrs. Bakersfield.  She has also won Miss Congeniality, the Interview Award and the fitness award.  Michaela has competed at the state level competitions of Miss California International and Mrs. California International.  


In her spare time, Michaela enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter, working out (she is a certified LesMills Body Combat Instructor), scrapbooking and spending time with friends.  


More than 10 years of public speaking education and experience


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