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Delivering powerful public speaking presentations, consulting and digital marketing for schools, businesses and other organizations 

Public Speaking

More Than Words Consulting provides a variety of presentations and talks tailored to the specific needs and desires of the client.  Presentations consist of facts, stories, statistics, videos and music to reach each and every attendee.  With an energetic presenter, the audience will not only be educated about the specific topic, but engaged in an intelligent, lively, appealing presentation.  Current presentation topics include, bullying (both online and in person), internet safety, human trafficking, and personal safety.  Specific presentations on bullying are designed for elementary, Jr. high and high school students, as well as educators and parents.  A presentation on active shooters is in the works.  Please use the contact tab to inquire about scheduling and pricing.  



Consulting is an important part of our business.  We provide advice and assistance on everything from acceptance speech preparation to pageant preparation to press releases and more.  Job interview preparation is another service we gladly provide in the consulting portion of our business.  Additionally preparing for live and recorded interviews on television and the radio are another service More Than Words Consulting provides. Consulting is provided on an hourly basis and is prepared and tailored to the needs of the client.  Please use the contact tab to inquire about scheduling and pricing.  

Digital Marketing 

With the advent of the Internet, has come a slew of social networking programs allowing people, businesses and other organizations to publicize themselves.  Why spend the time trying to create your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, when we can do it for you?  We will create a page for your business and garner followers.  We can set up an agreement that will meet your company's needs- posting photos, videos and important information about your organization, events, community involvement, etc. Having experience with the television, radio and newspaper media, we also provide services acting as a spokesperson for your organization, business or event.  Services can be changed to meet the clients needs.  Please use the contact tab to inquire about scheduling and pricing.   

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